Aura Analysis & Balance

We don't just have a physical body. The subtle body with its energies can also be measured. Quantum physics confirms that we are made of energy. Our body could be described as a hologram that reflects our energy fields.

With the help of the frequency analysis we can harmonise the bioenergetic field and bring your chakras back into balance and thus harmonise and lovingly support your present state.

After the analysis you will be "vibrated" and balanced in the appropriate frequencies. Your personal frequencies are harmonised and your well-being can experience enormous support. 

Other possible effects:

  • Promote your health, well-being and balance
  • Strengthen yourself in stressful situations during the day
  • Keep you fit, relieve pain
  • To help you recover easier to find better sleep
  • Increase your vitality so that you are more active and feel alive

What you get:

  • Information about the percentage level of strength your chakras have
  • The current, personal issues behind the chakras
  • Tips on which colours support you
  • 2 x 20 minute swinging up of your individual topics
  • An energetic chakra meditation to balance yourself regularly
  • Essential oil tips for the chakra's

Analysis & energetic vibrations for people, houses & animals

  • You recognise which chakras are open and particularly susceptible to disturbances
  • Topics of your subconscious that are currently blocked
  • You will receive a number of topics that you can specifically address in order to resolve blocks
  • You understand how to recognise what is right for YOU
  • You recognise how you make decisions and how much energy you have at your disposal
  • You can take areas of your life to a new level
  • You will be able to let go of things and people that are not good for you more easily
  • You get a deep understanding of yourself
  • You get support in being emotionally free

All of us as humans, every animal, every living being, but also every house, every plant has an energy field around it called aura. This field is constantly changing, especially when feelings, illnesses, mental states such as fears or conditioning and imprints are strong at times.

After a detailed analysis, the frequencies can be purposefully "vibrated" and brought into balance with the quantum physics device. You will receive a precise evaluation of the current issues in your life - what exactly is preoccupying you and where you need awareness.

The quantum device has wonderful programs that, in addition to an aura analysis, can analyse the following areas:

  • Australian bush flowers
  • Alaskan gemstone elixirs
  • Bach flowers
  • Digital homeopathy
  • I-Ching
  • Schuessler salts
  • Vital substances
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